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Come choose one of our many top of the line Gas, Oil or Electric furnaces for reasonable prices. At Alexanders PHC we make sure your furnace will not only run but continue to run at the same quality for as long as it can. 

Top of the Line Oil or Gas Furnaces.
We Also install Water heaters of all kinds.
Trouble Shooting Will Save You $
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Tired of the same old technition offering high coasting Hack jobs to your highly exspensive equitment? Then you need to contact Alexanders PHC. Our Techs are not only school trained an certified but are also experienced in trouble shooting servicing that will coast you less money to spend.

Speak to one of our representatives who will assist you and all your HVAC needs. Our representatives are also trained to assit in trouble shooting over the phone Free of coast. No long waits and Only the best customer service for ALL our customers.